Saturday, February 26, 2011

Movie Party

For Benjamin's 6th birthday, we invited classmates over and watched Toy Story 3.  During intermission, we sang and he blew out his candle.  It was fun!

Here's the crew, waiting patiently for their cupcakes!

This many kids made a lot of crumbs, let me tell you!  But they enjoyed their cupcakes and ice cream!

Nathaniel really liked being a part of the group for his big brother's party.  He thought he was pretty cool!

This photo pretty much sums it up!  I can't believe he is six years old already!  I love this kid!

Six Years Old

Six years ago today, our lives were blessed with the birth of a beautiful baby boy...

Benjamin Phillip Fisher

Today he is six years old.
He loves to draw, play with trains and cars, and learn new things.
Most importantly, he loves Jesus with all his heart.

And we continue to be blessed.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Benjamin!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Sickies

We've been battling some sickness around our house for quite some time now.  Nathaniel had a bacterial infection that took two different types of antibiotics to kick out, and now Benjamin has a doozy of a viral infection that is affecting his eyes in a weird way.  I'm kind of glad for the snow days so that I can be home with them and try to get them on their feet again.  We are eating homemade chicken noodle soup, eating raw honey, and taking it easy.  Ah, the joys!

Snuggling with Daddy

Look at his poor eyes!

Can you tell Nathaniel is on the mend?  What an imp!

The View From Here

We are on our second snow day of the school year...we made it until February, unlike a lot of other districts around the country...

Happy Groundhog Day!