Saturday, April 17, 2010

History Fair

My Kindergarten Class

Last night was our school's History Fair and Spring Concert. My parents were able to come up from Delaware to see their grandkids perform, which was so nice. I even got in on the act as we finished the evening with a song performed by the teachers. It was great to be singing in a group again, as I haven't done that in quite awhile!

The History Fair theme this year was toys and games. Students in grades 3-12 had to do individual projects, while the K4, K5, and 1-2 grades did a class project. For my K5 class, I chose to research the game, Barrel of Monkeys. It just seemed so apropos for the group I had this year! I did some online searching for info, and then the children helped me develop a Venn diagram comparing the "old" version of the game with the "new" version of the game. I was even able to find a 1966, new in package, version of the game on Ebay for a great price! The children enjoyed comparing the two barrels of monkeys visually, as well. I also had each student take home a die cut monkey to decorate for our display. They did a fantastic job! I was really pleased with how it all turned out.

Benjamin's class (K4) did a little project on their favorite games. His teacher had the students bring in their favorite games, and then she took a picture of each of them with their game. Her display really turned out cute, too! Sabastian's project was on Silly Putty. We all learned a lot about that silly stuff! Did you know that it was created accidentally as a scientist was trying to make an alternative to rubber during WWII? Jonathan's project piggy-backed with his research paper this year. He did the game of Chess. He loves playing that game, and it was interesting to read up on the history and the innovations over the years. Sabastian's project won third place in his age group, and all the boys did a really nice job (after some motherly prodding and prompting!). Way to go, guys!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010


...has the time gone? I figured I should at least try to figure out an answer to that question for myself, so let's the last of half of March (in no particular order):

- I held my Pampered Chef show and it went very well. Thank you to all who ordered to help bring Sophia home!

- I finished out a reading emphasis month at school with various weekly activities. I kind of spear-headed the whole thing, and was very pleased with how it went. And, my K5 class tied with the High School for the most participation, so they get a special lunch as a reward!

- I dealt with a sick hubby and sick kids and ended up sick myself. I'm trying to get rid of a very stubborn cold/sinus infection and am running on near empty every day...ugh!

- I had the girls from our Grantville Girls Bible Club over for homemade pizza and a movie. It was fun!

- I taught my grad class at LBC, worked my last few hours at The Children's Place (I'm now per diem) and of course taught K5.

- I went to DE to attend a Stamp Camp with my mom and had lots of fun being creative.

- I read a variety of books including Jana's Journal by Jeanette Windle. I really like her books, both for kids and adults!

I'm sure there are more things, but that's all my foggy brain can remember at this point. Suffice it to say, it's been busy around here! I'm glad for a mini Spring break this weekend, and time to meditate on Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made on my behalf.

Happy Easter!