Friday, April 25, 2008

The Park

There is a really neat park not far from our home that I like to take the boys to now that the weather is nicer. These photos are from our first trip this spring. I took Benjamin and Nathaniel to the park while the older boys were at school (much to their chagrin, as they like to fish in the lake!).

Here is Benjamin in the "swiss cheese" apparatus...there are actually three of these in different colors. We are not quite sure what they are for, but they make cute photo ops!

I put Nathaniel in a swing for the first time. He never really looked up at me, as he kind of just hung there, but he didn't cry so I think he liked it!

Here's my attempt at getting a photo of me and Nathaniel while I am holding the camera...not too bad, I guess! He doesn't look too thrilled, though!

Here is a shot of the ducks on the little lake. There are ducks and geese in this park. Benjamin loves to tell me to "watch out for the goose poop" as we walk along the pathways!

This is supposed to be a shot of Benjamin by the lake with the ducks behind him. I had a hard time getting him to sit still and smile all at the same time, however!

This is what Benjamin would rather be doing...playing with a stick in the water as close as he can without falling in!

More Nathaniel Photos

It's been awhile since I posted pictures due to my ineptitude at figuring out how to get them from the camera to the computer, and needing to wait for Dave to help me. So, here's some photos from the past month or so, in no particular order...

I love to catch Nathaniel's eyes in his mirror toys. Here is looking at himself on the toy we hook to his carseat...the best few dollars we ever spent, by the way!

I love this photo! Nathaniel fell asleep in his swing and looked so cute with his little hands folded and his little head bowed...looks like he's praying for all he's worth!

This is just a cute funny face that Nathaniel makes from time to time...he has fun with his mouth these days (I think due to teething) and really makes some funny faces!

This is my happy boy! Here he is laughing at Mommy who is trying to get a cute photo to send to Baby Talk magazine for their cover photo contest...silly Mommy!

Here he is "playing" with Benjamin (on other side of train table) like a big boy! He really likes to sit in this little seat. If I could only get him to sit without it!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Car

When we were expecting Benjamin, I had a lot of fun looking at all the baby things that were out there. I made frequent stops at our then new Babies 'R Us store, making mental notes of what I liked and didn't like, needed and didn't need. When I thought I was ready to introduce Dave to the madness that is baby merchandise these days, I took him to see what I had chosen. When we got to the stationary exersaucer type things, he immediately pointed to a car and said, "That's the one I want!" (No wonder we came home with a car for Benjamin's birthday instead of a kitchen!) Well, the car did serve us well with Benjamin, and we have recently pulled it out for Nathaniel. Benjamin has had some trouble giving up his old plaything, but we are working on that. Here are a few photos of Nathaniel enjoying his "used car"!

"Hold Me Tight!"

This is what Benjamin asked of me when he got up from his nap today and found me typing at the could I resist? As I snuggled him close, I couldn't help but think that it won't be long until he won't want me to hold him fast he is growing up! But while I can, I will hold him tight!

Break Out!

The following poem was written by Sabastian in honor of the little peeps that were hatched in his classroom this week...

Pick, peck, poke
I think an egg just broke!
Peep, tweet, twitter
I think there was a flitter!
Soon there will be flopping
Then there will be hopping!
I think I see a chick peek
Wait...Now I see a little beak!
I see pecking all around
Pretty soon he will be out on the ground.
Beak Out! There's the little scout--
Now it is time to rejoice and shout!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Etsy Purchases...Finally!

Here are the promised photos of some of my first Etsy purchases! This first one is the long-awaited card set in the little bag from very first Etsy purchase! I think the designer does excellent work...well worth the wait from northern Chile! This next photo shows some of the tags I bought to use in my scrapbooks. I think they are of the "shabby chic" variety and sort of "grungy"...or some sort of lingo like that! I think they are cool!
And here are the two vintage postcards I purchased that I can't wait to frame and hang in my office area. With all boys in my house, these two images just resonated with me!
I have since purchased MANY other things, and all of my experiences with the various sellers have been great. I HIGHLY recommend checking out Etsy if you haven't done so will be amazed at the creativity there!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring has Sprung!

Today is a gorgeous spring day here in Central Pennsylvania! I took Benjamin and Nathaniel to a local park for awhile this afternoon and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. This particular park has a lake with ducks and geese, as well as a really nice playground area. Several people were fishing at the lake, and lots of moms and kids were at the park. Nathaniel had his first swing ride today...I think he like it! Benjamin's favorite piece of equipment is a metal framed object with seats and a wheel. I think it is supposed to be a fire truck, but with the paint worn off, it's hard to tell. But to Benjamin and his ever-expanding imagination, it is a bus. He told anyone who would listen that they had to get on the bus and give him a ticket. Nathaniel and I rode the bus for awhile, as did several other kids. I love to watch Benjamin grow and learn and take what he learns in one place and apply it in another. Often he hears or sees something on an educational television program and it comes out later in a totally unexpected, yet intelligent, way. He is really at a fun age, and I anticipate a fun summer with him. Happy Spring! (BTW...the photo above is not from the park...just a happy spring pix!)

Friday, April 4, 2008

J + S

This is what Sabastian found etched on a plastic slime container lid that belonged to his older brother the other day. Jonathan tried to say he was writing "2 + 4" but I told him we were all smarter than that! Yes, my eldest, at the ripe old age of 13, has a special friend that is a girl.

And I'm not ready to deal with that!!!!

However, I'm dealing with it head on, as I usually deal with things, and it's actually going quite well. Perhaps he aptly realizes that I, too, am of the female variety, and can shed some light on these intriguing beings...I don't know. But we have been communicating well regarding his new friend and the pros and cons of this new relationship. Pray that I will continue to keep a level head and open heart and mind as we navigate these new waters...and if you have children who aren't teens yet...just wait! Your day is coming!!!!!

Adoption Fund Raiser

No, we are not adopting again (yet!) but my sister, Stephanie, and her husband, Pedro, are! During the month of April they are selling special t-shirts as a fundraiser to help them bring home two special children from Haiti. I know most of my blog readers read my sister's blog and already know about this, but in the off chance you don't know, would you consider supporting this endeavor? Click here for more information! Thanks!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Nathaniel's Six Month Photo Shoot

Many of you knew that today I was scheduled to take Nathaniel for his six month photos at our friendly, neighborhood Sears. I graciously told Dave that I would also take Benjamin so that Dave could get some studying done for a class he's taking. We arrived a few minutes early (amazing for me!) and promptly waited over 20 minutes for the ONE person working today to finish up with the family before us. I tried to be patient since I would want to have my time at the computer choosing pictures to be as long as I needed it to be, but all the while I knew that Nathaniel was inching toward nap time and Benjamin could only play so long on the toy in the waiting area. When it was finally our turn, Nathaniel wouldn't smile no matter what, and very quickly tired of the fuss and began melting down. Benjamin rearranged the props a few times, disappeared on us (was hiding under a table in the waiting area), and generally wreaked some havoc on my already fraying nerves. Long story short, only five photos were taken, two of which were halfway decent. So that's what we settled upon...I wasn't about to come back later! The silver lining in all of this? Nathaniel saved me a lot of money over what I spent on Benjamin's photos a month ago! And I've already informed time he comes too!!!

Tricia Update

Tricia came through the surgery and is "awake and aware" as her husband Nate puts it. You can read more about it here. Continue to pray that Tricia's body will not reject the new lungs and that everything will begin to function the way it should. The way the Creator made our bodies is so fascinating, and what medical science is now able to do is just amazing...but God is ultimately still in control!

P.S. If you are not currently an organ donor, please consider it!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pray for Tricia!

It would be impossible to catch you up on their entire story, but go here to read it for yourself. However, at around 7:30 p.m. EST Tricia Lawrenson was wheeled into surgery for a double lung transplant. Please pray for her husband, Nate, and their little miracle girl, Gwyneth Rose, as they wait through the long hours of this operation. Pray for the surgeons to have wisdom and skill. Pray for the donor's family, as a they grieve their loss. To stay updated, visit Nate's blog often...their journey is amazing, inspiring, and God-honoring!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Playing Catch Up

(Note...this was supposed to appear before my previous post, but somehow it never did!)

As I was perusing my blog this afternoon, I realized that in the events of last week, I never let my blog audience know that my Etsy purchase from Chile finally arrived! I figured out that it took 20 days to get from northern Chile to Jonestown...but it was worth the wait! I have actually received all of my recent Ebay and Esty purchases and am enjoying them very much. I will post photos soon...I promise! (I just have to figure out how to get them from the camera to the computer...) I definitely will be purchasing Christmas presents from Etsy this year!

New Teeth!

Another happening from last week that got lost in the shuffle in our home is that Nathaniel got his first two teeth! Much to his babysitter's chagrin, they decided to appear Tuesday morning when he was with her...and he let her know they were breaking through! He's been happy as a lark ever since, fortunately. Sometimes you find him picking at them with his fingernail...actually you hear him doing it before you see him doing it. I guess he's trying to figure out what those sharp little things are coming up through his bottom gums. My little boy is growing up...he'll be SIX MONTHS already tomorrow!