Friday, August 31, 2012

First Day of School

Monday was our first day of school around these here parts.  Even my ninth grader (sort of) humored me by holding a sign with his grade for the year.  Of course he then needed his "cool" photo, too.  Sophia technically started her preschool back in January, but a new year started earlier this month, so we tried to get her in on the photo action.  She didn't cooperate too well for Daddy, but later was content to push her sign around in her grocery cart...whatever works!

I am homeschooling Benjamin and Nathaniel, and so far we have completed a full five days, getting everything done that I had planned.  That's an accomplishment around here!  Sabastian is attending Blue Mountain Christian School again this year and is excited about being in high school (I think!).  Not pictured is Jonathan who is technically a senior this year, but is currently working until some issues are worked out regarding his schooling and such for the year.  So, there you have's to a successful year of school!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Making Beautiful Music Together

My youngest two are only 2 1/2 months apart in age, but years apart developmentally.  However, one thing they have in common is their love of music.  Nathaniel has been asking for piano lessons for quite some time, and loves to "play" on our piano and makes up lyrics to songs that usually include "don't lie or you will die" and "Jesus lives forever".  Whenever Sophia hears him composing  on the piano, she runs over and stands next to him, waiting for someone to put her up on the bench with him.  One of my favorite photos of her from Taiwan was one where she was sitting on the piano bench watching her teenage foster sister play.  Maybe, someday, Sophia will find her voice through music.   Meanwhile, Nathaniel is very happy to share his.

I'm not sure what he was doing here, but he looks so protective of her, so I had to share it!

Friday, August 17, 2012


I took this photo earlier this summer.  I just love these boys!  Even from the back you can tell they are brothers...gotta love the backwards pajama top!!  (I'm afraid it's going to come true...he's a cutie and a lover boy, even at four years old!)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olympian Club

Benjamin had the privilege of joining our church's Word of Life Olympian Club this past year since he was a big first grader.  Every Wednesday night he would go and enjoy a Bible lesson, game time, and fellowship with other kids and their awesome leaders.  In addition, he would work on his Quiet Time Workbook, a workbook that had him reading and interacting with God's Word every day, and memorizing Bible verses and even the names of the books of the Bible.  There were also times when he would do some Christian Service activities, read designated books and do a book report, and participate in fun extra activities during the year.

Benjamin and many of his friends worked very hard to complete all of the activities required by Word of Life to reach the gold level of participation in his first year of Olympian Clubs.  He was rewarded with certificates along the way for bronze and silver, but for gold, he received a shiny gold medal and recognition in front of the entire church.  Here are some photos of that day in June...he was so proud of himself and his accomplishment, as well he should be.  We just pray that God's Word will take seed in his heart, put down deep roots, and be his guide for the rest of his life.  Way to go, Benjamin!

Pastor Tim bestowing the gold medal...hard to capture from a distance, unfortunately!!

Proud of his accomplishment!

So many kids worked hard this year to reach the gold level!!

A better picture of his medal...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Learning to Fly

This summer was supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable...payback for a hectic, crazy, summer last year when we were trying to sell a house, move across country, and complete an international adoption.  As many of you know, only one thing on that list actually happened last year, but it was enough!   So this summer I was anxious to just enjoy life with my family and friends.

BUT!!  Of course, life never goes as we plan.  Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say that this summer--this year!--has not gone as we had planned.  From issues with children to losing a job to financial woes to my grandmother's Homegoing...God had other plans for us this year.  Through it all, however, one thing has been constant:  God is in control.

Our younger children have enjoyed several vacation Bible schools this summer.  Each one has different songs to go along with its theme.  It's been refreshing, though, to hear a commonality flowing through each VBS program:  Trust in God.  I am reminded of baby birds, hesitant to leave the nest, pushed over the edge by a parent who knows it's time to test those wings.  As a family, we are learning--or should I say, continuing to learn--to trust God's timing for our flying lessons.  We don't know what our future holds, but God does...He knows the end of our story, and we are ready to FLY!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A New Look

I closed a chapter in our lives today by writing the last post on Sophia's adoption blog.  So, I decided to give this blog a makeover...what do you think?  I will try to be more consistent in posting her on our family and such.  I have been quite negligent, I know!!  But now that I only have one blog to worry about, I promise to be more faithful.  Thanks for sticking with our family and catching up now and then on our merry happenings!!