Monday, May 26, 2008

The Facts of Life, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, you remember that here I talked about Benjamin finding the baby birds, and the whole saga surrounding that discovery. As an addendum, the mother bird did come back to the nest, but then we had some very windy storms and the babies ended up falling out of the nest and dying anyway. I figure we did what we could for the birds, but the mama bird made a poor choice of tree when she built her nest! Here are some of the photos we took when the babies were still alive and well.
Well our backyard wildlife drama continues this weekend with the chance discovery of a nest of baby rabbits in a hole in the yard. We had friends over and the guys were all playing bacche ball when the hole was discovered. Dave had the boys remove the nest and the babies and place them sort of underneath the shed, where we know other bunnies live, but this morning Dave found the poor babies roasting in the sun and took pity on them...much to my surprise! Yesterday it was, "Those darn rodents, who cares if we have a few less in the neighborhood." Today it was "I feel responsible for the baby bunnies!" And they say women change their minds! After checking the good 'ole internet for how to take care of baby rabbits, it was off to the local pet store to purchase kitten milk substitute, whole cream, and acidophilus tablets to feed the baby rabbits. Meanwhile, I called the wildlife rehabilitation center in Dauphin County and left a message...I wasn't too keen on raising wild rabbits for too long in our household! Fortunately, they called back, and Dave will be dropping the babies off tomorrow morning, if all goes well, and they will be out of our hands. But for tonight, we have six little baby rabbits to fuss over...and they are cute! You can check out the photos below and see for yourself!


stephanie garcia said...

Wow! The boys must be loving this!

Bethany Hissong said...

You always have a story to tell! Your boys are learning a lot right now about birds and animals!!!