Friday, September 18, 2009


My sister has been hinting not ever so subtlely that I needed more photos of my older two boys on the blog. Well, Sabastian doesn't mind being the center of attention in photos, but Jonathan avoids the camera if at all possible. So, I had to be sneaky in getting a photo of our teenager, but here's what I got:

It was taken holding the camera backwards...not too bad, I guess! Since he slept the summer away, I'm not sure where the muscles are coming from, but he is lifting weights a little with Dave now to enhance them. The girls have definitely noticed our handsome son and vice versa. May I just go on the record to say that the teen years are not my favorites thus far? And I have a looong way to go to be out of them!


stephanie garcia said...

Handsome is right! Uncle Pedro and I couldn't believe our eyes. Lots of changes in the past two years! Thanks for the pictures, sis. :)

LizzieJane said...

TeeHee! I am so glad that my daughters teen years are long behind her. It will be an interesting ride Terri to say the least!