Sunday, March 20, 2011

These Days

These days I am a single parent as Dave learns the ropes to his new job in Indiana.  It will be like this until we move...two weeks away, a weekend home.  All four boys have done a pretty good job of adjusting thus far, but I think it will get old for all of us very soon.  However, this is what we are called to do at this point, so we do it.  I am again reminded that God gives us the strength to do what we need to do when we need to do it.  And I am grateful.

This coming Wednesday is our first court date in Taiwan.  A judge will be hearing our case and subsequently deciding whether or not we can proceed with the adoption of our daughter.  Please pray that all goes quickly and smoothly and that we are not required to jump through any more hoops.  I'm too tired to jump very high...

I've been mulling over the story of Samson this past week as I have taught it to my kindergarten class.  Samson was set apart by God for His service before he was even born.  He was given superhuman strength and really could do anything when God's Spirit was upon him.  However, he chose to follow the lust of the flesh and the desires of his heart instead of God's.  This resulted in his demise.  I was reminded that when we choose to sin, we are choosing the consequences that go with that sin.  Samson could have done so much more for God.  I wonder how much of my own fleshly desires have gotten in the way of what God would have liked for me to accomplish in my own life.  Oh, to be like HIM and not me!

These days, God is stretching me and our family, but still showing His faithfulness and goodness in so many ways.  I will choose to thank Him in the midst of it all.  (Just remind me that I said that when it gets old, okay?)



LizzieJane said...

I have been thinking about you and all that you are having to juggle. I just know that you are doing a great job! I will be holding my breath and saying a little prayer that all goes well on Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Terri: What an important job you have! You've got what it takes! Keep up the good work! love, mom & dad in Ohio