Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Making Applesauce

After picking 150 pounds of apples, and tripping over them for over a week (seriously...Sophia must have run into them a few times a day!!), it was time to make our applesauce!  Last year, we had the help of Dave's parents which made the process go much faster, but this year, we were on our own.  We set up our assembly line, and away we went!  It took the good part of a day (can anyone say "Home Ec" for homeschoolers?), but we ended up with around 50 quarts of yummy applesauce and a couple of gallons of juice.  Yum!!

Benjamin's job was to wash the apples and get them ready for Mom to quarter and boil.

He worked hard all day!

This is my work station.  I was quartering apples and putting them into two pots to boil.  When there were soft, they went to Dave in the dining room who put them through the food mill.
This is our set up...it's not pretty, but it worked!
Here's Dave with most of our bounty!


stephanie garcia said...

Wowza!! I want some ... it looks YUMMY!!

stephanie garcia said...

Wowza!! I want some ... that looks YUMMY!!