Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Photos #2 - For Rubins and Garcias in Chile

My sisters and their families are both currently living in Chile, South America. They sent gifts back to the States with my parents, after their recent visit to Chile. We enjoyed opening the gifts which were mostly handmade items by artisans at a neat little place called Pueblito Los Dominicos, an artisan village of sorts...one of my favorite places in the whole, wide world! Of course we wish we could have seen my sisters and their growing families in person! We love you and miss you!

This little hat says "Chile" on the front...it's the best photo we could muster, as Nathaniel kept tearing it off his head!

Benjamin loves his wooden alligator!

Jonathan is modeling his lapislazuli while Benjamin shows off his new Spanish children's CD.

And here's Sabastian with his necklace, hidden by Nathaniel and his CD!

And finally a photo of the photographer...I LOVE my new bracelet!
Thanks Rubins and Garcias...we love you and miss you!


LizzieJane said...

You must have all been very good last year as Santa brought you all some wonderful gifts!

stephanie garcia said...

The boys look handsome with their lapis necklaces! How do the little guys like the music?? Hugs to everyone!!

Bethany Hissong said...

What great gifts!!! They carry love with them, don't they?