Friday, February 13, 2009

Busy Week

Where has this week gone? It always amazes me how fast the weeks fly by. It really makes me covet the time I spend with my children, and I'm so thankful that I can be home with them. I just pray that I'm using my time wisely, as it goes by so quickly!

There are several things on my mind tonight. I have committed to directing our church's Daily Vacation Bible School in July, and my mind is swirling with details related to that and our first committee meeting next Tuesday. I'm excited to possibly be using curriculum from Answers In Genesis...great stuff if you need a VBS curriculum. Check it out!

Please pray my two little nephews home from sister Stephanie is really praying that they will be home before June 24. You can read her post about that date here and I encourage you to also check out the rest of her blog if you haven't already. Haiti is such a random country when it comes to their adoption procedures; it is very different from what we are facing with Taiwan, and much more frustrating as a result.

Speaking of my sister Stephanie, today is her birthday. Happy Birthday, little sis! We love you lots and are so proud of you and all that you do for your family and the Lord. Keep up the great work! Hopefully Pedro treated you really well today!

Finally, we have had a bit of movement on our adoption proceedings this week. You can check out our updates at our adoption blog. Thanks for your continued prayers and thoughts!

Have a great weekend!

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stephanie garcia said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes and the link about the boys' adoption. Love ya, sis!!