Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Rainbow Walk - Red

Yesterday was a balmy 60 degrees here in Central PA, so after running a few errands, I took the younger two boys on a walk. We decided to make it a Rainbow Walk...and we searched for items that were the first color of the rainbow--red. Here is what we found on our short little walk down the road and through a local cemetery and back...

The first obvious item that was red!

The red lights on the parked school bus

Leftover flowers from Christmas on one of the tombstones

More flowers...

A mailbox and flag across the street

The garbage truck...we missed it when it went by the first time, but got it when it came back around!

A reflector on the fence was right at eye level for Benjamin!

A leftover red Christmas bow

The red stripes on the American flag (God bless America!)

A really cool red garden globe in a neighbor's yard

Last but not buds on the tree--Spring is coming!
Stay tuned for the next installment of "A Rainbow Walk"...the color orange! Have a great weekend!


chilemommom said...

This is a neat idea, Terri!

LizzieJane said...

What a really lovely idea Terri, you are so clever!
By the way you had asked me what I put in the hummingbird feeder. It is hummingbird food that comes prepackaged. Plain old sugar water works just fine, there are plenty of recipes on the internet. Our little hummers have been back and forth all day, they are hungry little things!