Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Musical

The Friday of our Adoption Benefit Yard/Bake Sale was also the Friday night of our older sons' Spring Musical at their school, Blue Mountain Christian School. The students at BMCS are required to participate in two musicals a year, at Christmas and in the Spring. This year's Spring musical was called "King of the Jungle". It was a cute musical about Creation and how God made everything unique. Jonathan was a bat...he is in the middle section, back row, in the middle...kind of hard to see in the photos as we were sitting in the back of the auditorium to minimize the distraction our younger sons' tend to become. Sabastian was a monkey who, along with his friend Ryan, was the "comic relief" in the musical--perfect fit for Sabastian! You can see him up close in the last photo. It was a fun little musical, well done by all!

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stephanie garcia said...

Wish we could have seen it! Good job, guys!!