Monday, August 10, 2009

Vacation Photos...Part 3!

Here are the photos from our ride on The Arcade & Attica Railroad. You can read the original post that I wrote on the day of our excursion here. It was quite the trip! Nathaniel was pretty scared on the first half of the journey since we were right behind the noisy engine, but on the return trip he just chilled. Our friend, Ruth, went will see her in the photos, too. It really was a lot of fun and a day our younger sons will never forget!


stephanie garcia said...

Benjamin looks so cute in his glasses. And Nathaniel is so chubby and cute. Now we just need some J & S pictures!

Kathy S said...

Railroads make for fun family days!

Stephanie said...

I bet that train ride was a huge hit with your little guys! :)

My almost-3-year-old would love that kind of thing.