Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Advent Tree

A few years ago I expanded on the tradition of an advent calendar by creating an advent tree for our boys. I found these ornament boxes and immediately thought that they would be great for hiding little goodies for the boys as we counted down to December 25. The boys take turns opening one box each night to find the treat inside. From our almost 15-year old to our 2-year old, each of the boys enjoys this tradition. When I have something that doesn't fit in the box, I put a paper with a clue to the item in the box, or, this year, just a number that clues me in to my "master list" of items. They wait expectantly as I go to our "back room" and rummage around to find the item that the number indicates. Usually I have four of an item so that each child gets something, but sometimes, the treat is for the entire family (e.g., a new DVD). This tree is in addition to our regular tree and sits in our dining room. It's a lot of fun and something I look forward to planning each year for that little something extra that makes the Christmas season fun and memorable!

our advent tree

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