Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Overdue Vacation Pics - Part Two

After visiting the Lego store and other fun places at Downtown Disney, we decided to find somewhere to eat dinner. We headed over to Pleasure Island, another section of Downtown Disney, which has a variety of restaurants and shops. (Interestingly, it used to have nightclubs, but they are all closed down and they are making it all more family friendly!) We ate at a new restaurant there called Paradiso 37. It was by far our priciest meal of the week, but we enjoyed the interesting flavors of the Americas! After dinner, one vehicle loaded up with the men and half the children, while my mom, sister, Jonathan (our bodyguard who always stayed half a block away to make sure we didn't dampen his style!), and I stayed to shop around a bit with the toddler duo of Nathaniel (age 2) and Juliana (age 3). We had a lot of fun...enjoy the pics!

Nathaniel and I enjoying dinner

my sister and her clan at dinner

the toddler duo contained...for the moment!

my sister, my mom, and I having a little fun
(photo courtesy of Jonathan!)

grandmom and Nathaniel riding the "choo-choo"

my all time favs...Pooh and friends!

the toddler duo...free at last!

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Melissa said...

Looks like a great time. There is just something magical about Disney. I am sure that it was a nice break from the waiting too!