Saturday, August 7, 2010

We're Losing It Around Here!

"It" being teeth!  This week Benjamin lost his very first tooth.  It had been quite wiggly for some time, and finally I just yanked and out it came!
I shed a few tears about it, too...not because it hurt him, but because this means my little boys is growing up!  He starts kindergarten in a few short weeks (with yours truly as his teacher--pray for us!) and is really maturing in a lot of ways.  I still have by baby, Nathaniel, but he's growing up way too fast, too!  When Benjamin lost his tooth, Nathaniel wanted me to pull one of his out too...didn't want to miss out, I guess! 
Benjamin was very surprised when his tooth under his pillow "turned into" four quarters...we don't make a big deal about the tooth fairy or anything, but we told him to just put it under his pillow to see what would happen.  He was happy to put the money in his piggy bank and that was that! 

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