Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olympian Club

Benjamin had the privilege of joining our church's Word of Life Olympian Club this past year since he was a big first grader.  Every Wednesday night he would go and enjoy a Bible lesson, game time, and fellowship with other kids and their awesome leaders.  In addition, he would work on his Quiet Time Workbook, a workbook that had him reading and interacting with God's Word every day, and memorizing Bible verses and even the names of the books of the Bible.  There were also times when he would do some Christian Service activities, read designated books and do a book report, and participate in fun extra activities during the year.

Benjamin and many of his friends worked very hard to complete all of the activities required by Word of Life to reach the gold level of participation in his first year of Olympian Clubs.  He was rewarded with certificates along the way for bronze and silver, but for gold, he received a shiny gold medal and recognition in front of the entire church.  Here are some photos of that day in June...he was so proud of himself and his accomplishment, as well he should be.  We just pray that God's Word will take seed in his heart, put down deep roots, and be his guide for the rest of his life.  Way to go, Benjamin!

Pastor Tim bestowing the gold medal...hard to capture from a distance, unfortunately!!

Proud of his accomplishment!

So many kids worked hard this year to reach the gold level!!

A better picture of his medal...


Bethany Hissong said...

That's really great! I love the theme and he should be very proud of himself... he's growing up! ;)

Annie said...

Something to be proud of for sure!!! Love that idea!!