Friday, August 31, 2012

First Day of School

Monday was our first day of school around these here parts.  Even my ninth grader (sort of) humored me by holding a sign with his grade for the year.  Of course he then needed his "cool" photo, too.  Sophia technically started her preschool back in January, but a new year started earlier this month, so we tried to get her in on the photo action.  She didn't cooperate too well for Daddy, but later was content to push her sign around in her grocery cart...whatever works!

I am homeschooling Benjamin and Nathaniel, and so far we have completed a full five days, getting everything done that I had planned.  That's an accomplishment around here!  Sabastian is attending Blue Mountain Christian School again this year and is excited about being in high school (I think!).  Not pictured is Jonathan who is technically a senior this year, but is currently working until some issues are worked out regarding his schooling and such for the year.  So, there you have's to a successful year of school!!

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Bethany Hissong said...

I love your photos-- how clever! I can't believe our Kindergarten boys are now in 9th grade! Nathaniel starts on Tuesday and I think he's nervous. I admire you so much for homeschooling! I miss it-- the year we both were at Agora was a tedious one but I loved spending that much time with the kids, learning. I hope your whole family has a great school year!