Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I never imagined myself as the mother of four boys. In fact, if you were to ask my parents or sisters, they probably never imagined me as the mother of four boys, either. I don't particularly like to get dirty, I hate bugs, and definitely am a hotel vs. tent kind of person. I never fished a day in my life before marrying my husband, and my idea of fun is shopping with a good friend.

But, God has a sense of humor, and I am now a mother of four boys. My sons keep me on my toes all the time, but every now and then, a girl needs her computer time, you know? So, when mama's away (or in this case, sending e-mails), the boys will play...and today, this was the result:

At least they are adorable covered in mud or not! I love my boys!


LizzieJane said...

Maybe we all need to get covered in mud now and then because it looks like so much fun!

stephanie garcia said...

Looks like they enjoyed the mud a little bit lot ... :)

Kathy S said...

Wonder if I'll get the chance to "mom a boy" in the near future???