Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Fishers Go Fishing!

It FINALLY was a beautiful, non-rainy day today, so we took advantage of it and went fishing! We went to Memorial Lake State Park which is right next to Fort Indiantown Gap, where we could hear the war games going on (Dave knew what made each of the loud BOOMS we heard!) Dave and the boys love to fish, but I hadn't been since before Benjamin was was just too difficult with a baby around. We made sure that Nathaniel had a new truck to play with so he wouldn't feel left out, as Benjamin was going to fish for the first time with his new fishing rod. And wouldn't you know it...the only one to catch a fish was Benjamin--and he caught two! (He had a little help from Daddy, but decided he was, "really good at fishing!".) It was a nice way to spend a gorgeous afternoon!

Here is Benjamin with his first catch...a baby bass.

Then he moved up to big brother bass.

Another view...check out the cool tinted glasses...maybe they helped!

Yes, I did fish, but not for long with this one running around!

Dave, ever the pensive fisherman...

Benjamin was content with his catch and decided to play in the water instead.

Sabastian posing NICELY for the camera...

and Jonathan posing NOT so nicely for the camera...what a typical 14-year old!


stephanie garcia said...

And studying while he's fishing?? Amazing. Looks like fun times!!

LizzieJane said...

What a fun day Terri. It is great that you were all able to get away and enjoy yourselves.