Monday, June 16, 2008

Creative Summer Afternoons

As I shared here, I have attempted to add some creative time to our daily schedule this summer. I purchased good art pads and lead pencils for the older boys so that they would be more motivated to draw, and I found a lot of good books on Amazon about drawing and creating for both my older boys, and my younger boys. The first couple of weeks the boys spent their creative time drawing pictures in their art pads, but that soon got old. So I have tried to come up with some other things for them to do. Thanks to Grandmom Fisher, the older boys have kept pretty busy with some really cool paint by number kits this past week. Here you can see a lighthouse that Jonathan is really proud of:

He was nice enough to share one of the three paintings with Sabastian, who is still working on his. All three pictures relate to the ocean. Grandmom Fisher already requested that one of them be returned to her when its completed! She loves receiving the boys' artwork!

For Father's Day, I had the boys create their own cards for Dave. They each drew a picture on white drawing paper, and then I helped them mount it to the front of a card. Dave really liked how they turned out...I think they did a great job, too! Here is Jonathan working hard on his football themed card (of course!) and then with his finished product:

And here is Sabastian working on his football mascot themed card (of course!) and with his finished product (notice the new braces, too!):

And last, but not least, is Benjamin, working all of two minutes on his colorful card. He is not into coloring as much as I would like, but he enjoys using different colors from our large assortment of colored pencils. This card was from Benjamin and Nathaniel:

So as you can see, we are trying to be creative around here. Today Sabastian and I worked on a really special project which I will post about later. We had fun! (Jonathan is at camp this week.) I hope our attempts at being creative inspire you and yours to get out the colored pencils, crayons, or markers, and create!


stephanie garcia said...

Ok, I am feeling very uncreative and inactive after reading this post ... but very proud of my artistic nephews. Way to go, boys!

Bethany Hissong said...

Homemade cards are always the best! And tell Jonathan that I love his painting! And Sebastian looks so much older with braces! We need to start in on more of our summer creative time too!