Thursday, June 19, 2008

Musical Moments

Two brand-to-remain-unnamed cooking pots...$100.00

Two brand-to-remain-unnamed bamboo spoons...$35.00

Brothers making beautiful music together (because the youngest wails when he's not in close proximity to Mom and she needed to cook dinner so the family wouldn't starve)...PRICELESS!


LizzieJane said...

There is nothing better than banging on pots and pans!
I think we as adults should try it once in a while!
Thanks for your lovely comment on Bella, she is a lovely dog, and thank you I am feeling much better.

LizzieJane said...

Thank you Terri, I will let you all know on monday how our sale went.
Have a lovely weekend!

stephanie garcia said...

Oh so cute!! I love it!!

Bethany Hissong said...

That's perfect! My mom always said that kids enjoy kitchen stuff better than toys... if only I'd listened to her a little more! The boys are so cute!