Thursday, April 3, 2008

Nathaniel's Six Month Photo Shoot

Many of you knew that today I was scheduled to take Nathaniel for his six month photos at our friendly, neighborhood Sears. I graciously told Dave that I would also take Benjamin so that Dave could get some studying done for a class he's taking. We arrived a few minutes early (amazing for me!) and promptly waited over 20 minutes for the ONE person working today to finish up with the family before us. I tried to be patient since I would want to have my time at the computer choosing pictures to be as long as I needed it to be, but all the while I knew that Nathaniel was inching toward nap time and Benjamin could only play so long on the toy in the waiting area. When it was finally our turn, Nathaniel wouldn't smile no matter what, and very quickly tired of the fuss and began melting down. Benjamin rearranged the props a few times, disappeared on us (was hiding under a table in the waiting area), and generally wreaked some havoc on my already fraying nerves. Long story short, only five photos were taken, two of which were halfway decent. So that's what we settled upon...I wasn't about to come back later! The silver lining in all of this? Nathaniel saved me a lot of money over what I spent on Benjamin's photos a month ago! And I've already informed time he comes too!!!


stephanie garcia said...

I remember those days very well! I just wish I had a photo studio for Owen's 3-year old pictures next week ... :(

Bethany Hissong said...

I was thinking the same thing before I read the end of your story!! ... I knew you were worried about spending too much. Maybe that was God's way of saving you!! Nathaniel is too cute to take a bad picture though!!!