Friday, April 25, 2008

The Park

There is a really neat park not far from our home that I like to take the boys to now that the weather is nicer. These photos are from our first trip this spring. I took Benjamin and Nathaniel to the park while the older boys were at school (much to their chagrin, as they like to fish in the lake!).

Here is Benjamin in the "swiss cheese" apparatus...there are actually three of these in different colors. We are not quite sure what they are for, but they make cute photo ops!

I put Nathaniel in a swing for the first time. He never really looked up at me, as he kind of just hung there, but he didn't cry so I think he liked it!

Here's my attempt at getting a photo of me and Nathaniel while I am holding the camera...not too bad, I guess! He doesn't look too thrilled, though!

Here is a shot of the ducks on the little lake. There are ducks and geese in this park. Benjamin loves to tell me to "watch out for the goose poop" as we walk along the pathways!

This is supposed to be a shot of Benjamin by the lake with the ducks behind him. I had a hard time getting him to sit still and smile all at the same time, however!

This is what Benjamin would rather be doing...playing with a stick in the water as close as he can without falling in!


Bethany Hissong said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! Your children are so cute Terri!!!

Jennifer Ramos said...

Hey, thanks for commenting on my giveaway...don't 4get to come back Friday and check for the winner!

Jen Ramos
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