Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Break Out!

The following poem was written by Sabastian in honor of the little peeps that were hatched in his classroom this week...

Pick, peck, poke
I think an egg just broke!
Peep, tweet, twitter
I think there was a flitter!
Soon there will be flopping
Then there will be hopping!
I think I see a chick peek
Wait...Now I see a little beak!
I see pecking all around
Pretty soon he will be out on the ground.
Beak Out! There's the little scout--
Now it is time to rejoice and shout!


Bethany Hissong said...

Terri, this poem is fantastic!! Sabastian is such a great writer. If you hadn't told me he wrote it, I would have guessed it was written by a real poet! This could be a children's book. Hmmmm....
Tell him we were very impressed here!

chilemommom said...

I was very excited when I read Sabastian's poem! What a pleasant surprise to know that he can write like that. Tell Sabastian we will be looking for some more. Love to you all.
Grandma C.

stephanie garcia said...

From one poet to another ... Awesome job, Sabastian!