Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Etsy Purchases...Finally!

Here are the promised photos of some of my first Etsy purchases! This first one is the long-awaited card set in the little bag from Chile...my very first Etsy purchase! I think the designer does excellent work...well worth the wait from northern Chile! This next photo shows some of the tags I bought to use in my scrapbooks. I think they are of the "shabby chic" variety and sort of "grungy"...or some sort of lingo like that! I think they are cool!
And here are the two vintage postcards I purchased that I can't wait to frame and hang in my office area. With all boys in my house, these two images just resonated with me!
I have since purchased MANY other things, and all of my experiences with the various sellers have been great. I HIGHLY recommend checking out Etsy if you haven't done so already...you will be amazed at the creativity there!

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